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          發布者:system 發布日期:2017-08-09

          旅遊英語:關于租車的情景會話       NICK: I think you made the right choice, coming to us.    We have a wide selectselection of vehicles you can choose from.   DAVID: I would like to rent a car with a good stereo.   NICK: All our cars have stereos in them.   Stereos, air conditioning. It's all standard with us.    DAVID: Good. I am here visiting my girlfriend. I want her to have a goodtime.   NICK: Oh, is that so?    Well, then. Let me show you something she might like. It's on our backlot.   DAVID: This is a Porsche!   NICK: Yes. Beautiful, isn't it?    DAVID: But I probably can't afford it. It must be really expensive.    NICK: Well, sir. You said you were looking at cars at the rental agency atthe airport.   Now with them you'd spend your money and get nothing for it.   But you could probably rent this Porsche from us,   for the same price as one of their standard cars.   DAVID: But how can you do that?   NICK: It's because our prices are so good.    And this car has a lot of miles on it. But it's in nice shape, isn'tit?   DAVID: Yes, it almost looks new.    NICK: Take a seat inside and see what you think.   NICK: So you will take the Porsche then, sir?    DAVID: Yes, and I want to buy the insurance too. I think it'snecessary.   NICK: You're smart to buy it. At 45 dollars for three days, it is a gooddeal.   DAVID: Can I return the car in San Francisco?   NICK: San Francisco? No, sir.    We only have this office here. You will have to return it here.    DAVID: Really? I heard in America you can return rental cars in differentcities.   NICK: No, sir. That's only with the very big companies.   I'm sorry, but this car must be returned to this lot.





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